we enable music as a
digital business

What we do

We are the missing link in the streaming age of music. A software that is designed for everyone, emphasizing performance, ease of use, transparency and speed. We are app based and provide your digital business with an accessible and trustworthy API that you can build upon.

Our goals are driven by state of the art technology to drive this industry onto a new digital level.
A developers dream.
We are not competing with any existing online solutions but further enable them, by cutting out middleman, established manual habits and replacing them with more reliable and transparent digital processes, to boost performance, income, and lessen workload. Our goal is to ultimately simplify and democratize every music upload on the web.

We are in our first endeavor and in our fundamental software, that all other products build upon, already changing the landscape of the music industry. Enabling income for previously unaccessible geographical areas, brands and ultimately saving overhead for established professional and independent labels, publishers, influencers and artists.

Who we are

We started as a team of three in the summer of 2018 and are now quickly expanding, and looking for help in our endeavor to reform, innovate & democratize the world of digital music business. The three founders are an enterprising IT youngster, fresh of college, a resourceful online marketer and an experienced, international top level media entrepreneur.

We quickly expanded with a 2nd young, ingenious IT developer, a very thoughtful frontend developer, and an experienced communication manager in Asia. For the most part we are based in Munich, Germany, but many work from diff parts in the world, since we value and encourage remote working.


For various contractual reasons we cannot publicly showcase, who we are, until we unveil our first product on January 20th 2019 at the Namm convention in Anaheim, California. We have our first Seed funding, and already have a longterm partnership with one of the most innovative California based media startups with a huge user base.

Only 4 months have passed since our founding, and we are already in deep negotiations with multiple international media investors and global music corporations.


The innovations and solutions we provide and aspire are technically and business wise challenging and are a tough cookie, where we look for help-, thought- and resourceful young innovators and team players.

Feel free to contact us at info@pinyal.com


Pinyal GmbH Geibelstr. 6 81679 Munich Germany +49 89 2153 8374 info@pinyal.com